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Village Ordinances 


Ordinances are numbered sequentially, with the first part of the number being the fiscal year during which the ordinance was either adopted or amended.  Ordinances are grouped into categories below for easier researching.  
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Category Number Description
PROPOSED  12-30  New Section 13 to be added to existing Zoning Ordinance 10-30
FISCAL 97-19 Adopting a  Municipal Gross Receipts Tax
  97-4 Adopting a Business Registration Fee
  97-8 Establishing the Compensation of the Mayor, Members of the Council and Municipal Judge
  04-14 Amended Lodger's Tax Act
  97-21 Adopting a Municipal Environmental Services Gross Receipts Tax.
  01-34 Adopting a Municipal Infrastructure Gross Receipts Tax.
  04-39 Adopting a Municipal Capital Outlay Gross Receipts Tax
  00-3 Providing for the Imposition and Collection of a Municipal  License Tax for the Sale, Distribution, Service and Public Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages, Beer and Wine
  08-46 Adopting  Municipal Gross Receipts Tax
  08-46A Amending 08-46
PUBLIC SAFETY 09-47 Requiring the Use of Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  97-5 Creating the Municipal Court and Establishing its Jurisdiction, Creating the Office, Qualifications and Compensation for Municipal Judge;
  97-24 Adopting a Skier Responsibility Ordinance
  97-26 Mandating Animal Control for Public Safety and Health
  98-29 An Ordinance Providing for the Regulation of Alarm Systems
  04-28 Establishing a Maximum Penalty for Violations of any Municipal Ordinance Unless a Different  Maximum Penalty has been Established for a Particular Offense
  05-27 Creating the Department of Public Safety 
  02-9 Adopting the New Mexico Uniform Traffic Ordinance by Reference
  05-09 Amendment to 02-9 New Mexico Uniform Traffic Ordinance 
  04-40 An Ordinance to Regulate Certain Types and Volumes of Noise
  04-40A Amendment to the Noise Ordinance
  04-2 Relating to Open Fires, and Fireworks
  05-23 Creating the Village of Taos Ski Valley Fire Department; Appointment of a Fire Chief & Compensation;
  97-13 Interim Ordinance Adopting by Reference Various Provisions of New Mexico Law Pertaining to Violations of Ordinances ; Declaring an Emergency
  08-45   Designating the Taos County Magistrate Court as the court having jurisdiction over Municipal Ordinances fot the Village of Taos Ski Valley


 PERSONNEL 97-6 Creating the Office of Clerk-Treasurer
  03-33 Personnel Ordinance
GENERAL 97-7 Adopting an Official Seal for the The Village of Taos Ski Valley
  00-32 An Ordinance Granting to Kit Carson Electric Cooperative, Inc., Permission to use the Streets, Alleys, Public Thoroughfares, and Public Ways of the Village
  10-35 Amended: An Ordinance Relating to Outdoor Entertainment; Village Permits for Outdoor Entertainment
CONSTRUCTION 97-10 Adopting the New Mexico Building Code by Reference
  07-10 Amend 97-10 New Mexico Building Code 
  97-11 Adopting the New Mexico Plumbing and Mechanical Codes by Reference
  97-12 Adopting the New Mexico Electric Code by Reference
PLANNING & ZONING 97-15 Creating a Planning and Zoning Commission; Membership, Appointment, Terms of Office and Removal from Office ; Establishing the Duties and Powers of the Commission
  10-30 An Ordinance Adopting Zoning Regulations and a  Zoning Map
  10-25  Adopting Comprehensive Subdivision Regulations
  06-42 An Ordinance Imposing a Temporary Moratorium on the Issuance of Building Permits

Repealing Ordinance 06-42, An Ordinance Requiring a Conditional Use Permit on Certain New Sewer Connections

WATER & SEWER 03-37 Adopting Regulations for Septic Tanks & Sewer
  04-38 Adopting Regulations for Water Use
  05-41 An Ordinance Authorizing the Village of Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico to enter into a Loan Agreement with the New Mexico Environment Department for the Purpose of Obtaining Wastewater Construction Loan Funds in a Principal Amount not to Exceed Two Million Dollars ($2,000,000.00);